Weird science

Boon scientists and engineers studied every detail and researched every possible disinfection solution to create the only countertop device capable of harnessing UVC lightwaves to deliver the fastest germicidal results in a unit friendly to your wallet and ruthless to germs.

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The FusionUV is easy to operate and effectively kills bacteria and viruses in 2-3 minutes on a variety of materials and surfaces. Alleviate the headache of handwashing small personal items.


Developed by people who know the power of light and how to utilize it safely and effectively. The FusionUV is the most efficient, and affordable UVC device on the market.


The FusionUV gives you, your staff, and your customers peace of mind in knowing that anything you put in it is free and clear of harmful bacteria and viruses.


Disinfection can happen in less than 2 minutes on nonporous material. Using short-wavelength UVC waves ensures that materials and surfaces are disinfected in minutes. 

Seek and destroy

Like twin lightsabers, two powerful UVC-emitting bulbs strategically located in our USA-made box find health-compromising surfaces and disinfect them in minutes. And with the FusionUV’s proprietary shelf rods, even the bacteria hiding at the touchpoints are eradicated. No other germicidal UVC unit on the market today has this feature.

Don’t bring a wand to a lightsaber fight

When your customers, employees, and loved ones are counting on you to protect them from viruses, bacteria, and germs, half-measures like underpowered LED wands won’t do. Only the FusionUV guarantees efficacy with daily dose indicators that ensure you’re generating enough UVC energy to eliminate the unseen enemies that threaten the people you care for.

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Safe Disinfection

The FusionUV produces little heat and is safe for use on everything from cell phones to glasses to small tools and equipment.

Complete Disinfection

Proprietary rods allow UVC light to transmit through and reach every surface without interference. Other devices use glass or metal “grills,” preventing light from penetrating and disinfecting at the touchpoints.

Fast Disinfection

Disinfect non-porous materials in fewer than 2 minutes–more than five times faster than competing units.

General Specs
Exterior Dimensions
(L/W/H): 19 1/2″ x 22 1/2″ x 10″
Interior Dimensions
(L/W/H): 16 11/16″ x 16″ x 8 5/8″
Weight: 10lbs
Electrical Specs
-Phase: Single,Voltage: 120VAC, Wattage: 36W, Current: 2 AMPS
-Line/Mains Frequency (Hz): 50/60Hz, Wiring Connections: Standard Wall Plug
Process Specs
-Timer: 0-5 Minutes
-UVC Irradiance: 2 x 12w Bulbs; Non-Ozone Generating
-Stage: Fused Rod Stage; Transmitting Greater Than 50% UVC Radiation

Frequently asked questions

How long should items like phones, keys, pens stay in the unit?

2 minutes for any non-porous (hard surface) items.

How do I clean the FusionUV?

Exterior:  Clean with normal surface disinfectant spray and cleaning cloth; make sure lid is closed when cleaning.
Interior:  Apply isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to a smooth microfiber cleaning cloth, then gently rub in a circular motion to remove dirt/oil.  Allow IPA to evaporate (air dry).  Do not use any other cleaning material/solutions.  Do not use paper towels, rough cloths, or any cloth with material loops, as this will degrade the mirrored surface and negatively impact performance.
Note: Keep lid closed to maintain optimum cleanliness.

Can you put ink pens in the unit? Will the light effect the ink?

Yes, you can put pens in. The light will not effect the ink. If the barrel is opaque, the light cannot penetrate. If the barrel is clear, the plastic will block the UVC rays, so the light will not penetrate to the ink.

If placing these type of items in the device, does the rod placement need to be adjusted so they’re closer together so items do not fall through?

Yes. The only caveat is to use only 1 row of rods. Don’t put rods in both lower and upper hangers and place items on top of both, as that will create shadowing. Where there is a shadow on an item, it will not be disinfected.

Can the rod handle the weight of staplers and other lightweight office items?

If the items are getting heavy, like a weighted stapler, we suggest placing more rods into the hangers to distribute the weight. Also, remember to unfold the stapler so the light can get to all surfaces.

Can a pupilometer be placed in the unit? If so, what is the best way to place it inside the unit? On the lower rods?

A pupilometer should work just fine. On the lower rods would be best, as this item can be fairly tall. We recommend only 1 at a time, as placing 2 next to each other could cause shadowing on the vertical surfaces facing each other.

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